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5 Reasons I Love My Miniature Schnauzer | K E Dyer Photography

I often post about my Miniature Schnauzer, Bruno, but I wanted to let you know more about this breed in case you are searching for a family pet. Bruno is currently three years old and reached his full size around the one year mark and weighs approximately 20 pounds. Here’s five reasons why I love this breed:

1.Minimal Shedding

This was a major deciding factor for me when selecting a pet. Mini schnauzers are hypoallergenic with minimal shedding.

2. Great with Kids

He’s like one of the kids! He loves to play fetch and actually returns the toy. He’s always so gentle and the family loves him.

3. Smart and Easy to House Train

When trained consistently, mini schnauzers can be house trained rather quickly. We use the word “potty” to associate going to the restroom and “night-night” for him to go into the kennel when we leave during the day.

4. He Has the Cutest Schnauzer Cut!

Mini schnauzer MUST be groomed. I usually have Bruno groomed approximately every 8 weeks. If you’re in the West Georgia area, I recommend Sage at Pet Supply Plus. Ask for the schnauzer cut.

5. Energetic

Mini schnauzers will definitely keep you on your toes! Bruno loves his toys and takes them out of his toy box on a daily basis. He gets exercise by playing fetch or running around outside.


Do you have a mini schnauzer? Comment below and let me know what you love about them!

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5 Reasons I Love My Miniature Schnauzer | K E Dyer Photography

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