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3 Awesome Educational Websites That’ll Engage your Kids

I’m an advocate for education and consider myself a math and science nerd. Instead of watching other kids play with toys on YouTube (what’s up with that?!), I’d rather see my kids learning. We’ve come across wonderful websites that my kids absolutely love and will help develop skills. Check them out!


  1. ABC Ya
  • ABC Ya provides educational games for grades Pre K – 5. It offers spelling, reading, math and so much more.


2. Starfall

  • Starfall teaches basic reading and writing skills for grades Pre – K through Kindergarten.


3. Read Theory 

  • Read theory is my daughter’s favorite reading site. It helps for reading comprehension and improve critical thinking skills. Once an account is created, your child will take an assessment to determine their reading level. Read Theory is for all ages and reading levels.





I’m a family and wedding photographer in the West Georgia area. I blog about my photography sessions, nifty tips and tricks to engage young kids in learning, and what to look for when hiring a photographer. If you’re interested, sign up HERE to get emails straight to your inbox. Thanks so much for reading!


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3 Awesome Educational Websites That’ll Engage your Kids

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